1920s Themed Acrobatic Performer – Book Acrobat Gymnast

1920s Themed Acrobatic Performer – Book Acrobat Gymnast

1920s Themed Acrobatic Performer – Book Acrobat Gymnast

The ideal themed acrobatic performer is Bella Entertainment's amazing and incredibly talented hand balancer. Her 1920s costume and music transports guests to a new period as they are astounded by her gymnastic and hand balancing skills. Our 1920s hand balancer exhibits her extraordinary talent throughout her act, which highlights her incredible strength and flexibility as well as her risk-taking choreography. В
Our acrobat, a five-time Polish champion, won third place in the European Championships and twice competed in the World Championships for Sports Acrobatics.
The 1920s theme means that our performer can make any occasion come to life, whether it be a corporate event, a play, an after-dinner experience, or anything in between. The outfit and music from the roaring 20s are a fun and interesting way to experience the era.
Even if our performer is a master of the 1920s, the theme can be changed to fit your ideas and become unique to your event.
Our themed acrobatic performer is a WOW factor performer as she contorts her body while supporting her entire weight on two poles creating a daring yet stunning performance to behold and feel apart of. Not only this, but the act can be performed as both a stage and roaming act resulting in a much more intimate and engaging act to truly transport all audiences and guests to a new world of flapper dresses and feathers.
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