3D Video Mapping Italy – Projection Mapping for Events

3D Video Mapping Italy – Projection Mapping for Events

3D Video Mapping Italy – Projection Mapping for Events

This company can provide a full visual solution for your upcoming event by providing beautiful animated graphics that may be projected onto buildings, objects, backgrounds, and used as installations, multimedia performances, and stand-alone events. A multimedia collective that specialises in interactive 3D video mapping installations, projection mapping, 3D animation, visual design, stage design, and multimedia performances, all of which are expertly programmed to the highest standard, this group can make a statement at your next event. Their 3D projections have improved the performances of big performers like the Chemical Brothers, Avalon, and Astrix. They have already displayed their talents at numerous international music festivals, including Glastonbury (UK), Samsara (Brazil), and Vortex (South Africa). В
Their dynamic works have made architectural video mapping one of their specialties and a popular offering. They have projected images onto structures all around the world, including the Bab Rouah in Rabat, Morocco, the VDNK skyscraper in Moscow, and ancient structures in Italian cities including Udine, Venice, and Modena.
The organisation also has a tonne of expertise producing unique 3D video mapping projections for companies like Ferrari and Electrolux, for fashion shows put on by Lakme Fashion Week and GQ Nights (Mumbai), as well as for Dainese and Trussardi showroom and store openings.
The images that this group offers are completely mind-blowing. They are focused on making sure that each animation focuses on the possibilities of reestablishing a deep and lost connection with technology as an expanded part of the human's body and mind through interactivity. They forge enduring connections with their viewers by evoking strong emotions in them.
They can create custom animations that have been tailored down to the last detail to meet your exact needs, whether it's stage mapping behind additional entertainment, building mapping, car mapping, or a full-scale multimedia video mapping show with dancers. They are able to offer a variety of existing video mapping shows and installations. There are countless options.
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