Alice In Horrorland

Alice In Horrorland

Alice In Horrorland

The incredible characters from Alice in Horrorland, which put a twist on the classic children's tale, will be a spectacular addition to any Halloween or horror-themed celebration. Choose any combination of the Red Queen, the Madhatter, or Alice herself to represent three living dead characters that met a cruel end. В
The three roaming characters from Alice in Horrorland each wear exquisite outfits befitting of a high-end motion picture. It's incredible how appealing these wandering individuals look when combined with facial injuries and blood splatters that are genuine. The splendor of the Red Queen, the Madhatter's silliness, and Alice's terrible face injuries will astound guests. В
Any party with a horror theme will be complete with our Alice in Horrorland roaming figures. This walkabout act will amuse your visitors and help your event's theme come to life. These roaming figures will absolutely blow everyone away if you plan to hold a bloody Madhatter's tea party, an alternate Alice in Wonderland event, or a horror-themed party.
The amazingly fantastic and artistically stunning Alice In Horrorland characters will mingle and engage with the audience, providing a walkabout act with a difference. They'll provide your guests a fantastic photo opportunity to capture the moment and cherish it forever. The horror-themed walkabout act might even treat your party to a little performance with a little prodding. В
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