Aqua Cirque 1

Aqua Cirque 1

Aqua Cirque 1

This Aqua Cirque production, a fantastic narrative set at the bottom of the deep blue sea, offers underwater themed entertainment at its best with a brilliant cast, mesmerizing costumes, and an engrossing plot.
A vibrant seascape of colors with schools of fish, sea urchins, and an airy mermaid that mesmerizes and enchants listeners while playing her mesmerizing violin tunes in the upper heights. The lovely underwater land has been controlled for many years by a terrible Sea Queen, who formerly lived in happiness and peace until her priceless pearl was taken, at which point she turned nasty. Her pearl was separated from her, and the cheeky sea urchins, vibrant coral, and etherial Mermaid set out to restore it and peace to the deep blue. В В
An epic adventure with highly trained cirque performers, including an acrobatic group with recent TV appearances on Justin's House (CBBC), Sky One Monkeys, and other projects with the ITV, BBC, and Channel 4. Additionally, they have given performances for businesses such as Dyson, Panasonic, Porsche, and Mercedes-Benz.
The event also includes a highly accomplished hand balancer and aerial straps artist who received his training at the famous National Centre for Circus Arts.
Our Mermaid's aerial violinist, a classically trained musician, has shared the stage with eminent performers like Antonio Forcine and Muse.
With her three octave range, our amazing Sea Queen will enthrall audiences. She has achieved great success abroad. She is one of the extremely few classical cross-over pop musicians and was nominated as "Opera Singer to The Stars" in HELLO Magazine. With the girl band "Lemonescent," Leona achieved three Top 40 Hits and performed at Wembley, among other career highlights. Top of the Pops and the live semifinals of Britain's Got Talent are two further notable television accomplishments.
Sit back and enjoy the family-friendly cirque show's wow factor as it takes you on an adventure at the bottom of the sea.
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