Bavarian Folklore Munich

Bavarian Folklore Munich

Bavarian Folklore Munich

The Munich-based Bavarian Folklore group consists of four to eight young women dressed in traditional dirndls who dance, sing, yodel, and play cowbells. The group has traveled throughout Europe, Kenya, New Zealand, Tokyo, Bangkok, Singapore, Canada, Beijing, Jakarta, and many US States performing a lively musical program with young charm and vitality.
The group's inventive, quick, and contemporary dance style is ideal for Oktoberfest, beer festivals, German-themed celebrations, and gatherings that call for upbeat folk entertainment.
They have played at festivals in Frankfurt and Hannover, conventions in Munich during the Olympics, the world-famous Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, the Tivoli in Sweden, and a Command Performance for the Swedish Royal Family. The show group has participated in the Oktoberfest in Kitchener, Canada, as well as the "Old Munich" in Montreal, Canada, for the past ten years.
The group has been including the "Bayer" (the French Can-Can) in its routine for the past few years. It fits into the show nicely and is growing in popularity because of the vibrant, ethnic, Bavarian clothing.
Their show features a variety of traditional Bavarian dances, such as the bench, lumberjack, and duck dance, as well as lots of international and Bavarian cowbell playing, our Cirkus Renz's "wooden laughter" on the xylophone, various types of yodeling, and singing—all performed by lovely young Munich girls.

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