Beatles Yellow Submarine Parade – Book Beatles Tribute Spain

Beatles Yellow Submarine Parade – Book Beatles Tribute Spain

Beatles Yellow Submarine Parade – Book Beatles Tribute Spain

This amazing walkabout show, which continues to preach the message of love and peace, involves four themed stilt walkers who are dressed as The Beatles in their late 1960s heyday as they march alongside a huge inflatable rendition of the famous Yellow Submarine. Our Beatles Yellow Submarine Parade, which is based in Barcelona, Spain, is a spectacular walkabout spectacle that can delight audiences everywhere. Audiences of all ages will enjoy the completely original Beatles tribute, which is a brilliant visual treat that will stand out at any event.
The animated theme stilt walkers don't only go around; they also interact with spectators and have fun with kids. The colourful inflatable Yellow Submarine is mounted to a flat and has speakers built in. They play upbeat music, generally renditions of The Beatles' Yellow Submarine, when the Beatles Yellow Submarine Parade passes by.
This great alternative Beatles homage uses timeless symbolism that is recognisable to most generations. Because of this, the Beatles Yellow Submarine Parade is a fantastic option for entertainment when looking for a walkabout performance that will be recognisable and grab audiences' attention.
The stunning inflatable Yellow Submarine and themed stilt walkers are perfect for street parades, themed parties, festivals, and any event that calls for a Beatles tribute with a twist.
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