Beer Making Workshop Paris – Book Team Building Activity France

Beer Making Workshop Paris – Book Team Building Activity France

Beer Making Workshop Paris – Book Team Building Activity France

With this fantastic beer-making session, you can show your guests the beautiful process of manufacturing craft brews. Available to all visitors and completely customizable for team building exercises for corporate clients.
This ideal team building activity takes place in a fantastic shop-front style workshop fully equipped to give guests the best experience possible. It is located in the heart of Paris, close to several metro stations. This beer-making workshop is a great experience when visiting Paris because of its setting and aesthetic.
Depending on the available funds and time, there are two possibilities.

Workshop on home brewing beer (2 hours)
Participation from visitors and expert brewer explanations of the various phases of lager brewing
6-style artisanal beer tasting with a guide, including cheese and sausage boards
Each participant will go home with a pack of three 33-cl artisan beers from Paris as well as a bottle of beer that they made, bottled, and labelled themselves.
Masterbrewery workshop for brewing beer (4hr)
7 recipes are available for making 15 litres of your own beer.
introduction to biology: the brewing process, the discovery of artisanal beer, and its production globally, including in France
guided sampling of six craft beer varieties
Visitors take home 30 bottles of their own beer, totaling 15 litres, with personalised labels.
Booking Advice
obtainable for up to 25 individuals
Customized teambuilding and corporate events
Excellent place
tasting a variety of craft brews
To reserve this beer-making course for your guests, get in touch with our team of entertainment coordinators.

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