Blindfolded Sand Artist

Blindfolded Sand Artist

Blindfolded Sand Artist

Outstanding international sand artist Blindfolded Sand Artist instantly interacts with his audience and consistently receives standing ovations. Ronnie may be employed as the ideal way to promote a new product or to impress guests at any corporate or private gathering because to his extensive expertise executing his sand animation for international and renowned corporate brands! As India's first sand animator, he has performed at a wide range of occasions, including weddings, marriage anniversaries, exhibitions, gala dinners, corporate conferences, national award functions, silver, golden, and diamond jubilee celebrations, logo launches, and Indian Export Council meetings, to name a few.
As you see one-of-a-kind live performance art being created right before your eyes, brains, and hearts, you can subtly participate in live sand animation art. In order to do this, a projector and screen are used. Ronnie creates elaborate, seemingly three-dimensional landscapes, symbols, figures, objects, and emotional/spiritual stories by first sprinkling a layer of sand on a translucent canvas (back light glass panel). As soon as the first creation is complete, it is either swept away or changed into something wholly unique and fresh. To your increasing delight, temporary representations are finished quickly and with delicate hand movements. The synchronised soundtrack enhances Ronnie's mastery of sand art and his amazing works' mesmerising effect.
When he completes his masterpieces while having one of the audience members veil his eyes, Sand Man Ronnie goes beyond what is imaginable and possible. Ronnie is currently the only blind-folded Sand Animation artist in existence!

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