Book A Comedian and Host

Book A Comedian and Host

Book A Comedian and Host

This host, a former banker who speaks both English and Spanish with ease, has presented comedy workshops and lectures in countries all over the world, including the United States, Mexico, and Peru. Our multi-talented emcee has received the Distinguished Toastmaster Award, which is the highest honour for public speaking given by Toastmasters International. He has given a TEDx Malaysia lecture. His clean and upbeat stand-up routine has been recorded for an hour-long show in Toronto and has been presented at the Comedy Central Fest in Mexico City. His public speaking courses have assisted hundreds of businesspeople in becoming engaging and confident presenters. This host provides audiences with a laugh and learn experience thanks to his humorous abilities and passion for what he does. This speaker is appropriate for international audiences and can perform a 20-minute stand-up act in either English or Spanish.

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