Book A Virtual Halloween Happy Hour

Book A Virtual Halloween Happy Hour

Book A Virtual Halloween Happy Hour

What contains the kit? Tequila, lime, sugar, black lava salt, activated charcoal, and a dried orange slice in a quantity of 50ml. Ingredients for truffles include almond flour, pumpkin spice, cacao powder, nut or seed butter, cacao nibs, coconut, honey, and hemp seeds. A written recipe is also included. Within the USA, kits can be sent. Setup and Sessions We stream our Halloween Happy Hour live via Zoom or a different video conferencing system. The arrangement enables communication between our host and the visitors. With the aid of two cameras, our host provides attendees with a good perspective, allowing them to see close-ups of her hands and making this themed session simple to follow. Depending on the video platform you're using, you may have more or fewer guests. Please be aware that the degree of contact with this host will depend on the number of attendees.

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