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Book a Virtual Magician Agency

Book a Virtual Magician Agency

Maddox Dixon, a star of Britain's Got Talent and a master of live magic, can provide your online audience with a polished virtual magic show. Our exclusive magician will astound guests with a display of virtual mentalism, prediction, and illusion. He is amusing, interesting, and extremely interactive. A memorable entertainment experience is produced by Maddox's skill in persuading narrative and misleading the audience. This online video conferencing platform-made virtual show provides a great opportunity for friends, coworkers, and strangers to connect wherever they may be. Do you need to add branding or a message? No worry; this virtual magician will adjust his performance to meet your needs. В These popular virtual concerts are enjoyable and welcoming, and they are excellent conference call openers or opening acts for virtual celebrations. FAQs What is the configuration? Maddox enjoys providing entertainment and wants you to have the most enjoyable online experience. He uses four DSLR cameras to shoot multi-camera views in 4K while broadcasting from his professional recording studio to do this. The programme is delivered to you with high-quality audio and a sleek, contemporary setup over a super-fast connection for ultimate dependability. Maddox favours streaming over Zoom because of its adaptability and the choices it provides for audience interaction. He will however make use of other systems, including as Teams, WebEx, and Google Hangouts. 2. How long are the sessions each? The duration of the session is 15 to 45 minutes. A 30-minute presentation would consist of a five-minute introduction, an interactive opening effect, ten to twenty minutes of audience engagement, and a closing effect that is often branded and custom and involves everyone on the call. 3. How many participants are allowed? The conferencing platform is the only restriction on the number of participants. 4. Are there any requirements for participants? Each visitor should bring a laptop to watch the event on, a phone to have on hand in case it is utilised in the presentation, a deck of cards, and a pen and paper so they may participate. Is the programme interactive? The audience calls the shots during the show in real-time, and the entire Digital Magic Experience is built on audience participation. 6. Is this experience customizable? With the option of creating unique effects, Maddox can provide customization in his performances. These things need to be organised at least 24 hours before the event, depending on their complexity. 7. Can the programme be taped in advance? Maddox gives audiences two choices if they would rather watch a pre-recorded performance. Choose between a performance with no audience participation and one that includes at least six people from your company or guest list. Again, in order to be set up and recorded, these alternatives require a lead-in period. BEST TIP Are you interested in participating in a virtual team competition? For groups of up to 60 individuals, Maddox offers V Cube Sessions where he may instruct them on how to solve the Rubik's Cube.

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