Book A Virtual Party Band

Book A Virtual Party Band

Book A Virtual Party Band

В FAQs1. What setup is there? Using just one camera, a live stream was produced from a professional studio. A cinematographer and sound engineer are on hand to ensure that you have a top-notch virtual entertainment experience. If there are any technical difficulties, the band is happy to speak with you and arrange a practise session before the performance. Any platform, including TeamX2, Zoom, and Google, can be used for their streaming. How many sessions last? Between 30 and 1 hour can be spent dancing to the band, and extended sets are available upon request.3. How many individuals can participate? The only factor limiting the number of participants is the platform, and they haven't yet run into any issues with the number of visitors watching on a streaming platform. Are there any requirements for participants? Each attendee should bring a laptop to watch the programme on, a phone to have on hand in case it is utilised in the show, a deck of cards, and writing supplies so they can participate. The show is interactive, right? You can decide whether to just play music or to encourage your visitors to join in on shout-outs and song requests (song requests from the setlist require 24 hours' notice)6. How can I customise this experience? If there is enough time before your online event, our virtual party band can learn songs that aren't on their setlist to give it a customised touch. The band may play for anywhere from 30 to an hour, and lengthier sets are available upon request.7. Can the show be recorded in advance? They have the ability to broadcast pre-recorded content and use two cameras to capture such content.

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