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This group of friends—the Acrobatic Pizza Makers—met by coincidence one evening to have fun and discuss their opinions and experiences working at a pizzeria.
They started tossing the pizzas in the air simply for fun and discovered that they were actually extremely excellent at it as they were conversing, eating a plate of spaghetti and enjoying a tasty pizza. The Acrobatic Pizza Makers were thus established.
Before making their first official appearance at Anzio, the European championship, the acrobatic pizza makers began to gather more frequently, even several times each week, and after everyone had completed working. They also met at night after everyone had finished.
Meanwhile, regional, national, and even international pizza championships began to emerge. TV stations were interested in their new field, and the trio began to appear more frequently as guests on TV and local radio stations both domestically and internationally. They have also had an appearance on the well-known television program "Italia's Got Talent."
The world's best acrobat pizza makers will astound guests by tossing, twirling, spinning, and juggling multiple pizza bases into the air. The acrobatic pizza makers truly are the best option for entertainment at any occasion because they combine performance, acrobatics, humor, and catering! bringing the sport of acrobatic pizza making from Italy to the Japan.

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