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Book Aerial Sphere Show

Book Aerial Sphere Show

As they perform a beautiful acrobatic act that is sure to leave visitors at your event with lasting memories, the Aerial Sphere Show is certain to be the focus of your event. With this aerial dance performance, these talented aerial artists will raise the bar for your occasion with their stunning choreographies and expressive performances.
One or two aerial dancers will put on a stunning visual performance while performing around a glowing sphere, making your event a resounding success. A couple of talented aerial performers will mesmerize spectators with a smooth, fluid performance that is filled with intricate moves and emotion.
This breathtaking acrobatic dance can also be done indoors in huge settings like shopping malls, but it is best for outdoor events like product launches, exhibits, or street theater. No matter the event, our adaptable aerial dancers will design a presentation specifically for you.
You can reserve our Aerial Sphere Presentation to be the main form of entertainment for your event or to be a component of another show. Looking to add an aerial act to your E.T. or Peter Pan stage production? You may achieve your goals with the help of these versatile aerial dancers!
You may change the choreography, the outfits, and the music to make your ideas or messages come to life. For added intensity, this aerial dance performance can use props like bicycles and umbrellas. Our adaptable aerial dancers are skilled at tailoring this Aerial Sphere Show to a variety of settings, so they will undoubtedly produce the ideal ethereal ambiance for your occasion.
Our accomplished aerial performers have dazzled audiences at shows in theaters, shopping centers, and product launches all around the world. For well-known companies like Volkswagen as well as several festivals and street theaters in nations like Spain, France, and Germany, they have performed this aerial dance act.
Don't pass up the chance to amaze attendees and spectators at your future large event with their breathtaking acrobatic performance. A wide variety of aerial performances are available from Bella Entertainment for your event's visitors' enjoyment.
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