Book Bauble Stilt Walkers

Book Bauble Stilt Walkers

Book Bauble Stilt Walkers

Consider hiring these amazing stilt walkers for your holiday entertainment. This vibrant roaming show is great for all kinds of winter entertainment and a tremendous hit at Christmas light ceremonies and commercial malls. All holiday occasions will gleam and be fun with this festive show.
This pair of stilt walkers excels at standing out in crowds, and the holiday season tends to draw sizable crowds. The magical red bauble costumes worn from head to stilt by the Bauble Stilt Walkers evoke Victoriana with a very contemporary touch. This irresistible couple can mingle with your visitors and add joy, laughter, and celebration everywhere they go.
They are perfectly suited for Christmas light-on ceremonies as well as brand activations in malls and department stores. They are also excellent for office parties, private parties, and corporate events that emphasise the warmth of the holiday season, and are only limited by ceiling height.
The costumes are useful in low-light settings because to the LED lights sewed into them, and their reflectivity helps them sparkle in what little light there is, producing an amazing impression. These incredible stilt walkers stand head and shoulders above the competition with their subtle nods to 1950s glitz, Dickensian tales, and contemporary couture.
The two can team up with the Glitter Stilt Walkers, a group that offers brilliant, similar-looking gold and silver costumes and can perform as up to six stilt walkers. This entrancing Christmas entertainment will mesmerise your visitors, clients, or delegates.
This travelling holiday show has been hired for major occasions like illuminating the Christmas lights in Bath and Sloane Square, and their spellbinding performance has been hired as far away as United States!
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