Book Bavarian Entertainment Munich

Book Bavarian Entertainment Munich

Book Bavarian Entertainment Munich

With the help of this outstanding Bavarian entertainment business, you can bring the ambiance of the renowned Oktoberfest beer tent, warm Bavarian hospitality, and lively conversation to your event. They offer a wide variety of traditional Bavarian entertainment that is sure to impress guests and make your event a success, and they have over 15 years of expertise delivering professional entertainment.
With comedy photographers and waiters, mechanical street organists, the oldest manually operated barrel organ in Munich, live Bavarian music on stage and unplugged roving through the crowd, and the real-life Ludwig II of Bavaria and Empress Elizabeth in their chic authentic costumes, you can create a fun and festive atmosphere.
Their endless variety of performances will ensure smiles and good moments for everyone!
King and Empress are renowned, revered, and loved worldwide! Discover the legendary Bavarian architect who created the renowned "Schloss Neuschwanstein" in company with the endearing Empress Elisabeth. They will waltz through the crowd while remaining among the guests and giving out autographed photos as a special keepsake.
Saxon Waiters
Bring the well-known Bavarian friendliness and contagious humor to your event; they will foster a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere. At the beer tables, they will personally amuse your visitors by practicing magic tricks, teaching Bavarian music, and dancing!
Photography of Comedy
This Bavarian photography team will leave a distinctive impression because to their charm and humor. By taking images of attendees and engaging crowds, you may help them remember your event. The visitors receive all of the printed images in a "Oktoberfest-Heart-Passepartout" that is meant to be worn around the neck.
Old-fashioned barrel organ
A historically significant barrel organ that has been hand-operated for 100 years will provide tourists with a truly authentic Bavarian experience.

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