Book Car Themed Stilt Act

Book Car Themed Stilt Act

Book Car Themed Stilt Act

Looking for standout stilt performers or entertainment with an automotive theme that will leave an enduring impression? Our skilled stiltwalkers may show up at your event in a bright red vintage cabriolet, making them the pinnacle of themed stilt walkers! You will never have seen anything like this stilt act; it is the only one in the world and is protected by copyright.
Our stilt act will entertain the masses by honking, flashing, and generally stirring up trouble while wearing an elaborate outfit. With their humour and funny antics and gimmicks, our stilt performers will fascinate your guests and make sure everyone has a great time. Our themed stilt walkers will interact in a slapstick-like manner that will make viewers laugh uncontrollably and foster a positive mood at your event.
This isn't just any old outfit, of course. Our stilt entertainers exhibit an automobile that can divide itself lengthwise using the most recent SIM system, or "separate in the middle" system to you and me. This allows our stilt duo to show your visitors what the inside of this amazing historical car looks like! The LED lights in this original performance with a vehicle motif ensure that it appears equally as amazing at night as it does during the day. This vehicle-themed entertainment is ideal for promotional events, car premieres, festivals, and much more. The car may be customised with stickers or flags, and our stilt performers can distribute branded freebies.
This is a lighthearted walkabout show that is certain to be a smash hit with international audiences everywhere. With their outstanding eye-catching costumes, our wonderful professional circus entertainers will ensure that everyone wants their picture taken with these incredible themed stilt walkers. They are experts at providing fun interactive entertainment and interacting with crowds.
We can modify our stilt performance to meet the requirements of any event. Contact our knowledgeable entertainment coordinators, who have years of experience scheduling unique entertainment for events all around the world, if you have any particular requests or would want to discuss how these stilt performers could fit into your event.

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