Book Celtic Harpist – Live Event Music

Book Celtic Harpist – Live Event Music

Book Celtic Harpist – Live Event Music

With captivating mediaeval entertainment, a Celtic harpist transports listeners back in time with hypnotic melodies and lulling vocals. The best calibre event entertainment is provided by our mediaeval harpist, who is the ideal complement to a variety of events.
This amazing Celtic harpist is sure to draw spectators from all over as she performs creative live event music that combines the harp sound with glossolalia vocals. She induces trances with her melodious playing and distinctive language.

A mediaeval harpist who started out busking on the streets of France while singing in languages and playing the Celtic harp, commonly known as "glossolalia," quickly realised that she could work in music and release her own CDs and music after receiving praise and love from others.
Since then, our Celtic Harpist has continued to express her love and faith in music by playing wonderful live event music that is a pleasure to listen to at several gatherings.

Our harpist celebrates the diversity of people and cultures while dissipating distinction and challenging pre-conditioning boundaries of identification through singing in a language without words.

This talented harpist is perfect for business events, private parties, medieval-themed events, weddings, receptions, and periodic-themed events. She will get your guests talking and create a tranquil, mesmerising ambiance for your event.
Check our Themed Entertainment section and click Medieval to learn more about mediaeval entertainment. To learn more about our roster of great harpists, visit our Live Music and DJ section.
Contact our helpful team of entertainment specialists immediately for assistance in scheduling our Celtic Harpist or for more information about live event music and hiring mediaeval entertainment.

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