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Book Chinese Calligrapher

Book Chinese Calligrapher

By hiring our fantastic Chinese calligrapher, you may add a genuine touch of China to your forthcoming event or special occasion. A skilled live event artist will create Chinese calligraphy paintings that will leave your guests with priceless memories.
One of Hong Kong's most well-known oil portrait painters served as our traditional calligrapher's mentor. He or she quickly recognised the talent and potential of our Chinese calligraphy artist and helped advance her career by suggesting that she be included in the Contemporary Chinese Artists' Guild's annual exhibition. The youngest member ever admitted, her career has taken off since then.
This calligrapher and painter, who is currently located in New York, has displayed her Chinese calligraphy artwork in many art galleries throughout the City of Dreams, including a show in SoHo. Additionally, she has conducted Chinese calligraphy seminars at many museums, libraries, and educational institutions like the City University of New York. She additionally offered calligraphy workshops for the New York Philharmonic and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
This talented calligrapher is capable of painting on a variety of materials, including papyrus, stone, and fabric. She is capable of producing big scale calligraphy pieces as well as custom artwork with fans and other components, as seen in the images above.
Our Chinese calligraphy artists are happy to share their art and knowledge at different types of occasions and offer their Chinese calligraphy workshops to introduce both children and adults to the art of writing. These events include cultural events, exhibitions, trade shows, museums, art galleries, and other live events.
Best Practice: In addition to her gift for Chinese calligraphy, this artist is a talented musician. Visit her Chinese Zither Player page to learn more about her live music performances.
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Calligraphers from all around the world are available from Bella Entertainment for events both domestically and abroad.
Please get in touch with us right away to inquire about booking this amazing Chinese calligrapher. We have an in-house team of entertainment specialists who would be happy to tell you more about this Chinese calligraphy artist and help you make a reservation.

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