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Book Chinese Zither Player

With her qin, an antique seven-stringed zither that has been a part of Chinese culture for more than 2,500 years, this talented Chinese zither player is sure to enthral guests at your future event or celebration.
This qin player, who received her musical training in both China and Paris, sings in addition to playing Chinese zither music. She just received an invitation to perform a few recitals at New York's famed Metropolitan Museum of Art (MET).
Our traditional Chinese musician has published two books about the history, aesthetics, and philosophy of the seven stringed zither in addition to numerous articles about the qin. She is also a well-known author.
Traditional Chinese music, such as Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist works, can be played on our zither musician's instrument. She has around 50 pieces in her repertoire, including original works. Some of the well-known melodies she enjoys playing include "Pleasant Evening," "Plum Blossoms," and "Flowing Water."
Her zither performances are a favourite among fans of traditional Chinese music, but they are also enjoyed by a wide range of people. This live musician will enchant listeners with her delicate and enchanting Chinese zither pieces. She is suitable for art galleries, museums, exhibitions, trade fairs, cultural events, gala dinners, and many more.
Best Practice: This brilliant calligrapher is also a traditional Chinese musician. For more information about her calligraphy pieces for live events and calligraphy classes, see her Chinese Calligrapher page.
At Bella Entertainment, we take great delight in offering traditional Chinese performers and live music entertainment for events in the US and throughout the world.
Contact us now to learn more about this amazing Chinese zither player. If you would like more information about this live music entertainment option or help making a reservation, our in-house team of entertainment experts will be more than delighted to do so.

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