Book Close Up Magician Italy

Book Close Up Magician Italy

Book Close Up Magician Italy

For a mind-blowing close-up magician, reserve our walkabout illusionist. The itinerant magician from Italy is a surefire hit at celebrations, weddings, and urban events like street festivals because of his amazing card magic, mentalism, and sleight-of-hand routines.
His metropolitan appearance places him in the same category as renowned magical geniuses like Dynamo in the UK and David Blaine in the USA. Because of this, he is more suited for street-themed events like retail festivals, attractions that draw tourists, and marketing activations that target urban areas.
He can work with what he has because he is a close-up magician, and he has a special talent with stuff that an audience member carries on their person, such coins and rings. He can make you gasp by making them vanish, bending them in half without touching them, making them teleport about a person's pockets, or magically shattering and mending them.
He is a talented card magician as well, with subtlety that leaves even the most pessimistic person perplexed. You'll seriously question whether he is using magic when he tears cards into four pieces and rejoins the parts (just like in the video below). Although he has a sombre demeanour, this just increases the impact of his show. His demeanour calms audiences, and they are shocked even more when he shows a bug on their palm or shows their card in an impossibly difficult method. This performance is an excellent approach to attract new audiences without holding an official event. He can perform as both the main act and an ambient, roaming magician who can slither through the audience and wow spectators with his incredible magic. a definite thing to work.
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