Book Comedy Juggling Show in Florida

Book Comedy Juggling Show in Florida

Book Comedy Juggling Show in Florida

This must-see live performance provides your audience with something delightfully unique as it follows an eccentric clown who discovers a mystery Viking helmet and becomes possessed by the ancient spirit of a Viking. Audiences of all ages will enjoy our artist's diverse and dynamic performance, which is full of energy and hilarious moments. Our Viking clown gives a very engaging and dynamic event that incorporates everyone with lots of clowning around. Available in two lengths: a 6- to 9-minute comedy-juggling stage act, or a longer 25- to 30-minute show with improvisation and fire on demand, as well as juggling choices including knives, devil sticks, up to five balls, clubs, torches, and LED props. Additionally available as a roaming show, our juggling Viking clown can also include unicycling, stilt walking, and other activities. Performances can be tailored to your occasion and target audience, and you can hire him as a juggler or a clown as you see fit!

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