Book Coro Rociero Choir Malaga

Book Coro Rociero Choir Malaga

Book Coro Rociero Choir Malaga

Our amazing Coro Rociero Choir Malaga has more than 25 years of experience performing at various events in Spain. The region's traditional Spanish singers are incredibly popular for wedding festivities and provide a variety of options that can be customised for your special day. В
This wonderful traditional Spanish all-female choir performs a variety of regional and national songs and has a strong Flamenco history. A concert by the Coro Rociero Choir Malaga can last up to two hours thanks to their extensive repertoire. The Spanish choir will be accompanied by one or more acoustic guitarists and can perform in a variety of group sizes. В
These kinds of all-female choirs, particularly in cities like Malaga, Sevilla, Almera, and Cadiz, are very well-liked throughout the South of Spain. Our all-female Coro Rociero Choir Malaga is accessible for performances at events in Spain and, if necessary, abroad. В
Your guests will receive an authentic taste of Spain from the traditional Spanish vocalists. They are offered for a variety of events, including weddings, public meetings, social events, business gatherings, and more. The Rociero choir offers a variety of stunningly colourful outfits that can be customised for whatever occasion you are hosting.
Speak with our staff at Bella Entertainment if you're interested in hiring a traditional Spanish choir. With the Coro Rociero Choir Malaga, we will make all necessary arrangements to provide you a genuine experience.

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