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Book Corporate Comedian

Book Corporate Comedian

Check out Joze's speaker page to learn more about how to hire him! What happens during a Joze's virtual performance? Joze will use Zoom or another video conferencing system to live-stream his performance. The event MC will provide a brief introduction before Joze launches right into his corporate humour show. 2. Can the virtual shows be altered? Absolutely! In order to tailor some of his corporate comedy material to your guests' daily lives, Joze will ask for information about the industry you and your guests are in before the performance. 3. What is required of guests in order to take part in the virtual show? No specific equipment is needed for attendees to participate. They'll just need a strong wifi connection and gadget to watch the show on. Normally, we ask visitors to turn on their cameras but muffle their microphones while watching the presentation. You will only need to supply a compatible video conferencing platform and the event login information as the event host. В В

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