Book Culinary Contest Toulouse – Group Cookery Class France

Book Culinary Contest Toulouse – Group Cookery Class France

Book Culinary Contest Toulouse – Group Cookery Class France

Invite your friends or coworkers to participate in this hour-long group cooking lesson that finishes in a competitive culinary competition as part of this food teambuilding exercise.
This corporate cooking course requires a minimum of 20 participants, while smaller groups can attend upon request. Participants will gather in Toulouse at a predetermined place. They'll be split up into three separate groups. The main dish, the dessert, and the entry will all fall within the purview of one group for each event.
Each team will have 10 minutes to review all of the available ingredients and choose which ones they want to use for their meals. This will need quick thinking and aid in the participants' development of decision-making abilities. They must next give their recipes a name and request the chef overseeing this group cooking class's approval. They will receive help from our culinary experts so they can make the greatest choices and achieve the best results. The cooking time allotted to each team is one hour and fifteen minutes.
In front of everyone present, including the various teams and the head chefs directing this corporate cooking lesson, each group will deliver their dishes. A score sheet will be given to our experts so they can record and score the results. In addition to the dish's flavour and quality, they will consider the team's innovation and presentation.
In order to give everyone a break while the food is being prepared, an aperitif will be provided. Depending on the time of day it is held, this group culinary masterclass might last anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours in total.
This culinary teambuilding session costs includes:
nibbles and starters
Dessert and an entrйe
one-hour cooking instruction in a group
ingredients and cooking utensils
tea, coffee, and wine
Contact our excellent in-house team of entertainment specialists and submit an inquiry to book this corporate cooking class and culinary competition in Tolouse. You may count on our coordinators to help you with the booking procedure.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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