Book Custom Aerial Video Mapping

Book Custom Aerial Video Mapping

Book Custom Aerial Video Mapping

A unique aerial video mapping show combines cutting edge technology with beautiful aerial dancers to give your guests a really engrossing experience. With highly skilled aerialists on hand, anything is possible as our collectives design a show just for you that fulfils all of your expectations and more.
Our inventive creative team combines dance, projection, video mapping, music, and creativity with technology to provide a multi-sensory experience that harnesses light, rhythm, and emotion.
Using projections, aerialists, mesmerising lights, sculptures, contortionists, ballerinas, instrument fabrication, and much more, our unique aerial video mapping team can bring any concept or event to life.
Our crew is even capable of producing site-specific masterpieces for a totally customised show that features spectacular choreography that is flawlessly synchronised to music, lights, and other live performances.
Our expert aerial dancers can be hired as soloists, duos, trios, or groups to perfectly fit your event. They can ensure to leave a lasting impression on your visitors as they perform amazing feats of strength, flexibility, dangerous acrobatics, and exquisite patterns as they fall down from the ceiling.
Our team of creatives are specialists at organising every single detail and can make sure that your event is out of this world, whether you want an aerial performance that is gentle and graceful or a daring and dramatic performance enhanced by strong lights, entrancing music, and spectacular images.
Perfect for festivals, corporate events, product launches, brand revelations, private parties, and any other occasion that calls for a custom performance that is not only visually magnificent but also a deeply immersive sensory experience.
Contact our entertainment specialists to schedule our premium custom aerial video mapping show, or visit our Fusion of Visuals and Cirque Video Mapping pages to view more work from our creative professionals.

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