Book Cyclone Ball Exhibition Game

Book Cyclone Ball Exhibition Game

Book Cyclone Ball Exhibition Game

Book our cyclone ball game for your upcoming event if you're searching for engaging entertainment that will draw large audiences.
The cyclone, at its best as original entertainment, was originally popularised by its inventors when it made an appearance on Dragons Den in 2011. Since then, it has developed into a popular option for interactive gaming challenges at business events and exhibits. It has also appeared on a plethora of TV game shows.
The challenge for the player inside the game is to try and catch as many of the right coloured balls as they can and feed them into the chambers built into the side of the cylinder. This novel design features a perspex cylinder through which air is blown to create a cyclone of hundreds of coloured foam balls. There is a time limit, so winning is obviously a race against the clock! В
This is one of our most well-liked interactive games because it's entertaining for both those who participate and those who watch thanks to the clear casing.
The cyclone comes in two sizes, the first accommodating one or two players and the second accommodating up to three. A scaled-down version made especially for kids is also offered.
Cyclones can be brand-customized both inside and exterior, making them the ideal solution for exhibitions and corporate event entertainment. Attractive and providing a distinctive experience, they will be a major hit with event attendees! A fantastic option for weddings and private events, they may also be customised with certain text, colours, and designs to go with with a specific event theme.
Book our cyclone ball game to provide corporate entertainment, exhibition entertainment, or wedding entertainment, and you can ensure that your visitors will have a good time.
Add some glitz to your upcoming event. Additionally, our cyclone game is offered in gold (see the third video above) ideal for any luxury-themed event, such as the 50th anniversary celebration of your business, corporate incentive programmes, casinos, weddings, or gold ticket events. Contact Bella Entertainment right away to talk with a member of our staff.

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