Book Digital Live Event Caricaturist

Book Digital Live Event Caricaturist

Book Digital Live Event Caricaturist

In addition to providing an extraordinary event service, our wonderful digital caricaturist is sure to thrill guests at your special occasion as she creates amazing stylized portraits of attendees while she mingle with the people and delivers art-based interactive entertainment.
Our tablet caricaturist is a highly skilled professional illustrator who is a popular choice for both private and business occasions because she creates contemporary and visually stunning caricatures that visitors will treasure long after the event. Our live event artist can operate as a walkabout performer or be seated next to a digital screen where attendees can watch her working, offering a novel experience and a fantastic alternative to traditional caricatures. В
Our digital artist's ability to produce branded caricatures enables you to quickly raise brand recognition with shareable images that can be readily shared across numerous social media platforms. Our event artist is a talented fashion caricaturist and is available to hire for events in London and throughout the UK. He or she is perfect for private parties, exhibitions, gala dinners, product launches, award ceremonies, weddings, and more.

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