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Book Drummer Boys

Book Drummer Boys

This act has performed for notable companies including Audi, Microsoft, MTV, Sony, VW, and David Beckham, among others. This excellent ensemble combines pop/rock drumming with classical percussion to create a stunning visual display.
These incredibly talented and distinctive percussionists are the most recent "it" act to come out of the specialty "wow factor" entertainment space, and they have cemented their place in the corporate entertainment landscape.
В This ensemble of expert musicians is a must-see for product launches, exhibition events, and business gatherings when the customer wants to make a statement and leave a lasting impression!
This incredible performance uses anything they can find to create a beat, including massive drums, enormous gongs, oil barrels, trash cans, aluminium step ladders, and more.
В In reality, these inventive percussionists will design a unique concert according on the preferences and needs of the client. В This act is a great option for corporate events because they are able to connect the audience to the product by employing appropriate client manufacturer items as percussion instruments or by producing unique soundscapes using acoustic signs or logos.

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