Book Escape Act and Magic Act Worldwide – Houdini Act

Book Escape Act and Magic Act Worldwide – Houdini Act

Book Escape Act and Magic Act Worldwide – Houdini Act

Book our life-threatening escapologist and magician act for a Houdini performance that will astound and stun audiences everywhere. This escapologist is also a mentalist and an expert in close-up magic. He has travelled the globe to learn his craft as well as many others.
He can create intricate and captivating custom illusion performances or perform the original piece as it is intended to be, drawing on components from his sold-out shows. Both of these choices are excellent for venues hosting large-scale events and high-profile engagements. В
He may perform a mind-reading presentation that will enthral your visitors if you have a smaller audience or a more personal setting. The mind-reading powers of this entirely original presentation, which may be presented in one of three languages (English, Spanish, or Italian), will frighten your audience. В
His close-magic act, which has no time limit and can be expanded by the inclusion of a projector, is the perfect choice for a walkabout performance. Perfect for both big and small events.
Our Houdini act is a seasoned showman who has performed as a main stage act in numerous circuses, travelled the world with his own show, been on France Has Got Talent (La France A Un Incroyable Talent), and mystified audiences from Greece to China with his endurance, escape, and mentalist show. His already distinctive act is diversified with mentalism and close-up magic, and he can provide both for your occasion. В
His studies in martial arts and escape have carried him to China, where he competed professionally in fighting, and all around Europe, giving his craft a variety of viewpoints and civilizations. His stunts become more daring, and he can perform alone or with an assistance.
His magic tricks are brilliant and adventurous, involving perils like fire, falls from tremendous heights, submersion in water, and more. Your audience will gasp when the ropes burn through on the rope he is hanging from or hold their breath when he unlocks the padlocks on a straight jacket while submerged in water. Any venue will experience an electric atmosphere thanks to this act, which will keep spectators on the tip of their seats.
He is the ideal performer for a large-scale after-dinner show at a business event or as a stage show for theatres, festivals, and other events. Because of the calibre of our Houdini act, exclusive bookings will be even more striking, and he may modify his performance to fit various performance settings.
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