Book Face Video Mapping Barcelona

Book Face Video Mapping Barcelona

Book Face Video Mapping Barcelona

Face Video Mapping Barcelona is a stunning digital installation that offers amazing interactive entertainment that visitors won't soon forget!
This intriguing video projection, which follows closely on the heels of the video mapping craze, uses cutting-edge video mapping technology to transform visitors' faces into digital canvases.
Our spectacular video projections send colourful moving visuals onto the faces of participants, almost transforming them into anything you can imagine.
This amazing digital installation excels in brand reveal entertainment by instantly transforming visitors into tigers, Mexican skulls, zombies, skiers, and more.
Visitors will enjoy the novel and engaging experiences of having their faces change shapes, putting on the masks of various characters or animals, or virtually applying tribal paint or strange cosmetics to their faces.
This video mapping concept is fantastic as a digital installation for technological trade exhibits and events, video projection or mapping exhibitions, as well as brand reveal entertainment for nearly any industry.
Our video projection digital installation is certain to draw attention because it is so eye-catching in any event environment. Our video mapping system effortlessly combines cutting-edge technology with imagination and cutting-edge entertainment to offer unique and artistic forms for all kinds of events and projects.
Visitors can leave with a photo of their video-mapped face that is imprinted with your branding as a wonderful memento of the event, ensuring they never forget their interaction with your company.
Our video projection service is primarily centred in Barcelona, but we also have offices in Madrid, Malaga, Ibiza, Valencia, Tenerife, and Bilbao.
With our wide selection of cutting-edge technology acts or get motivated by our selection of brand reveal entertainment alternatives, discover more fascinating digital installations.
Contact our devoted team of entertainment experts to reserve Face Video Mapping Barcelona for an original video projection installation or brand reveal entertainment.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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