Book Futuristic LED Show – Glow Show

Book Futuristic LED Show – Glow Show

Book Futuristic LED Show – Glow Show

This futuristic LED show features a fully LED-lit performance. It is a special performance with significant scenic effect that may be enjoyed by any audience or type of event. The final segment of the performance, where a luminous poi is used to customise your event with your company branding, colour scheme, and/or message, is where the show's uniqueness is most seen.
Our artist may show branded messages throughout her routine while reproducing various images and graphics on poi, giving her the ideal choice of event entertainment for corporate gatherings, brand launches, and product reveals. This alluring persona, who has a mysterious aura, puts on a spellbinding performance that is absolutely amazing to witness.
This futuristic LED show provides the ultimate event entertainment for any occasion wishing to truly entertain their guests and bring a futuristic edge to their venue and celebration. She is guaranteed to catch everyone in the room's attention with her fanciful attire and mystifying character.
Top Tip: You may entirely customise this glow show to fit your event, including designing specific objects to match your colour scheme or revealing your corporate logo. Our LED artist promises an extraterrestrial LED act that's packed with fast-paced dance and sparkling lights.
Visit our Latest Technology area and select LED and Glow Act to discover more LED performers.
Our futuristic LED show, which has a variety of alternative storylines available, can include a figure who is half woman and half robot, and whose attire is lit by LEDs and reflects the lights used in the performance, creating a showstopping performance that is a smash at all gatherings.
A few examples of the props are LED isis wings, LED poi, LED veils, LED hula hoops, and more.
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