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Book Get Funked Dj Live

Regardless of the logistics or the setting, enjoy the full sound of a live party band! Get Funked's entire 17-piece live band is included in the creative performances our bespoke band creates to DJ tracks. A special occasion that makes it possible for any event to have a full party band lineup regardless of the occasion. В
Get Funked DJ Live gives customers and guests access to authentic, fully scalable, high-quality live music, ensuring that every event is one to remember. Perfect for events and locations where a full live band cannot be accommodated. DJ Live has a small onstage footprint, low production costs, and is simple to reach and manoeuvre. В
The ultimate party band, Have Funked DJ Live, is a totally adaptable service that is popular with all audiences and guaranteed to get everyone in the room up and dancing. Excellent for award events where live music and top-notch entertainment are required but where space and setup time are limited.
An unforgettable experience that gives spectators the chance to witness a full band with thrilling sounds, tremendous energy, and plenty of passion as our performers and DJ go above and beyond expectations and produce custom performances that precisely meet your wants and desires.
Additionally, DJ Live allows the addition of bands and vocals in any order or arrangement to further enhance the live sense of the performance. To create the perfect bespoke band for your occasion, choose from adding more guitarists, keyboardists, percussionists, and a two-piece horn section. To get a sense of what your guests might be dancing to at your special event, simply review their sample set list.
Get Funked DJ Live can be hired as a 4-piece, 6-piece, or 8-piece band. To really bring the music to life, the band can switch from three vocalists and Get Funked's resident DJ to five vocalists and DJ or seven vocalists and DJ. All packages include a sound engineer and band manager to make sure that everything goes according to plan at the event, allowing you to sit back, unwind, and let the music take over while you savour every moment of your celebration. В
Contact our Entertainment Specialists to reserve our mysterious Get Funked DJ Live.
Visit our Get Funked Full Line Up, Get Funked Compact, and Get Funked DJ Live Lite pages to see more Get Funked offerings.

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