Book Hand Balance Show- Hire Balancing Act

Book Hand Balance Show- Hire Balancing Act

Book Hand Balance Show- Hire Balancing Act

Make a reservation for this amazing hand balance display to add a memorable spectacle to your event. The audiences throughout the world have been awestruck by this amazing hand balancing performance, which features performers who use their tremendous strength and stamina to balance in seemingly impossible postures. Visitors will be in awe of this fashionable and captivating balancing performance, which promises to be a thrilling experience. Four skilled brothers who perform some of the most astounding lifts and one-handed balances you will ever see make up our troupe of exceptional acrobats. Experience the spectacle that audiences all around the world are raving about by making a reservation for this spectacular circus act.
Our amazing acrobats are brothers who have performed as a team since 1983, mesmerising spectators with their extraordinary dexterity. The four brothers balance on top of one another during their breathtaking routine to create positions and shapes that defy gravity. Our acrobats are the strongest and most skilled in the world, and their famed hand balancing act has been performed in some of the biggest arenas and circuses worldwide.
This hand balance act has entertained 10,000 spectators each night while touring the USA with the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circuses. Their astounding circus show has also been seen at the Festival of Monte Carlo, the International Circus Festival of Warsaw, the Winter Olympic Games in Turin, and even on German television. Even the privilege of entertaining Pope Benedict XVI in Vatican City was bestowed upon this extraordinary circus production. A must-see performance, this internationally acclaimed balancing act is the ideal addition to any circus, cabaret show, dinner party, or corporate event.
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