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The largest Celtic harp orchestra in Europe, Harp Orchestra Como was established in 2002 by one of the most revered modern harpists in the world.
Lever harps, or Celtic harps as they are often known, make up the majority of the instruments in the Harp Orchestra, which also includes the soprano voice, choir, cello, violin, flute, accordion, guitar, bass, and drums. The musicians, who range in age from 17 to 60, make up a fascinating and well-coordinated group. There are 16 harpists total in the organisation, 12 of whom are female.
The Orchestra's repertoire has grown significantly since its humble origins, when it was primarily made up of traditional Irish music and old tunes. Unique methods and a blend of South American, Celtic, and classical styles offer the orchestra's music a wide range of fresh hues. Original songs, ancient music, flamenco, and Celtic tunes are all recreated in a funny and infectious style to appeal to the ears of a modern audience.
The Celtic Harp Orchestra has performed in numerous venues in Italy, including the Duomo Cathedral in Milan and the Teatro Sociale in Como, as well as other countries across the world, including Spain, Switzerland, France, Ireland, Greece, Britain, Germany, China, Japan, and Korea.
The Orchestra has collaborated with infamous performers and figures like Andrea Bocelli, Tadao Ando, Carlos Nunez, and many others. It has also made appearances on prominent TV channels including RAI, Swiss television RTSI, Chinese State TV CCTV3, and others.
They are available for hiring for a variety of events and are sure to give your gathering a truly enchanted vibe.

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