Book Holly Whites Virtual Juice Workshop

Book Holly Whites Virtual Juice Workshop

Book Holly Whites Virtual Juice Workshop

How does this class operate? Although other video conferencing systems will be taken into consideration, this is a live-streamed event that is commonly held over Zoom. Holly shoots the video from her kitchen using a top-notch Mac laptop camera. Before going on to the advantages of juicing, Holly gives a quick introduction of her path into juicing and a healthy lifestyle at the start of each workshop. In this class, Holly discusses how to set up your kitchen for successful juicing and provides examples of some straightforward juice recipes. She will also go over how to customise your creations for various flavour preferences, advantages, and just to make them uniquely you! If you want to try a juice cleanse in the future, Holly can talk to you about how to create one. Holly will include a Q&A session with attendees at the conclusion of the workshop if there is time, but you can ask questions at any time using the chat feature on the video conferencing platform. 2. What is required of visitors to participate? This activity can be taken part in a number of ways. Visitors can still engage and contribute via the online chat feature on the video conferencing platform, even though it is advised that they "juice along" with the workshop. For the drinks, guests will need a juicer or a blender, depending on whether they want to make smoothies or follow Holly's lead. They will also need the ingredients, and Holly will provide a shopping list before the event. These ingredients shouldn't be too difficult to get at your neighbourhood grocery. If not, all visitors will need is a device to view the workshop on and a reliable internet connection. They will also be given a digital workbook for the event, which will be filled with tonnes of entertaining recipes and advice on how to make the most of juicing. As the event host, you will also require a video conferencing platform that is appropriate for the number of attendees. As Holly has over 15 years of broadcast and event hosting experience, she is a natural in front of the camera and at keeping visitors engaged3, making these workshops equally entertaining and engaging for those following along with the recipes as for those who aren't. Absolutely! Holly can alter recipes to meet special requirements during events or seasons. Using delightful seasonal ingredients or juicing to boost natural immunity during the winter, for instance! In rare situations, she can even incorporate particular ingredients into the recipes; however, they would need to support Holly's concept, so please share your suggestions when you contact us. 4. What is the workshop duration? These sessions can be scheduled for either 50 or 90 minutes; the latter usually includes a 5-minute tea break for you to have some refreshments. 5. How many people are allowed to attend this workshop? There is no set minimum or maximum for attendees, and the platform you use for video conferencing will mostly determine this. However, the degree of interaction with our host that is available will depend on the number of attendees.

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