Book Hologram Led Drummers

Book Hologram Led Drummers

Book Hologram Led Drummers

Look no farther than our Hologram LED Drummers for that instant WOW factor, a surefire act that will draw attention and have people talking.
drummers in holograms for the first time ever
With the addition of cutting-edge portable holographic equipment, they have taken their already amazing LED drumming performances to a whole new level by displaying 3D animated graphics, product designs, and logos while they are in motion. To the closely synced rhythms, skillfully performed drumming choreographies, and flashing LED suits, the personalised holograms in the perspex drums are the ideal complement. The Hologram LED Drummers are sure to wow your visitors whether they're performing on stage or arriving in a procession.
Personalized and distinctive holographic entertainment
Our 3D holographic drummers have the benefit of completely customizable content, making the holograms specific to the event for the clients. The choices range from logos to rotating and animated product designs to utilising video clips. The hologram drummers are ideal for brand reveals, corporate events, opening ceremonies, brand awareness, athletic events, and product launches since exciting hologram entertainment doesn't get much more unique than this.
inventive drumming performances
In addition to offering amazing hologram drumming choices, these innovative LED drummers can also perform as Elvis drummers and use their clear drums for distinctive illuminated product displays.
Get in contact with our experts at Bella Entertainment to learn more about booking the Hologram LED Drummers or any of our innovative LED drumming acts.

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