Book Hot Air Balloon Ride Tuscany ”“ Sightseeing VIP Activity Italy

Book Hot Air Balloon Ride Tuscany ”“ Sightseeing VIP Activity Italy

Book Hot Air Balloon Ride Tuscany ”“ Sightseeing VIP Activity Italy

A breathtaking VIP sightseeing tour with breathtaking views of Tuscany is the ideal choice to provide as a corporate incentive to diligent workers. This amazing hot air balloon journey not only offers unforgettable experiences and breathtaking views, but it also fosters camaraderie among your coworkers as they share the same experience. Relax and unwind with a glass of the acclaimed Ferrari Maximum Brut and a memorable breakfast while taking in the stunning views of forests, vineyards, and old towns.
There are three main places to take off from: Cortona, Siena, and Mantis, all of which are available for groups of 1 to 12 persons. The same meeting spots are utilised at each of the three launch sites in Cortona and Siena, which can be reserved for groups of four or more persons. Our preferred launch site, Mantis, enables flights in every direction.
This package, which offers flights in the morning starting at 6am, is a breathtaking choice because it includes a traditional champagne toast and a delicious brunch before you return home.
Evening flights, private flights, and custom hot air balloon flights are also offered and provide tailored experiences to make your corporate incentives the ideal reward for any group who enjoys travelling and taking in breathtaking scenery.
The final reward is a VIP excursion that lets your group to view Tuscany from a completely new perspective in an actual wicker basket hot air balloon. With some annual fluctuations, the ballooning season runs seven days a week from the middle of May through the middle of October. Even though each trip lasts longer than an hour, the entire experience takes at least three to four hours because food is given.
Booking Advice! Make a reservation for a breathtaking hot air balloon flight as the best incentive for your devoted delegates.
Every 100 hours of flight, a professionally designated CAA balloon inspector inspects every balloon.
Only pilots with a current UK Commercial Balloon License are permitted to fly the balloons, which are all commercial balloons with UK registration.
Although flights are only around an hour long, the entire process takes at least 3 to 4 hours.
This hot air balloon journey is available for groups of 4 to 12 persons.
There are additional balloon rides offered for smaller groups of 1-3 people.
Other launch sites provide private flights and customised trips.
Children must be at least 7 years old, and those under 16 must be with an adult.
Choose between morning and evening departures.
Early-morning trip includes a customary champagne breakfast and departs at 6:00 in the morning.
genuine hot air balloons in wicker baskets
The ballooning season runs from mid-May through mid-October.
It takes about 30 minutes for inflation.
Contact our entertainment specialists right now to reserve our hot air balloon flight for the best corporate incentives or for more details.

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