Book Icarus Flight Simulator

Book Icarus Flight Simulator

Book Icarus Flight Simulator

The Icarus Flight Simulator, which soars through a sky of virtual reality, offers amazing event entertainment for visitors of all ages as they take to the skies to win games and earn prizes.
All visitors and bystanders are sure to enjoy this cutting-edge game as they get a taste of what it's like to fly for the first time. This VR flying simulator offers for limitless fun at your event and is ideal for sparking conversation among your guests by giving each participant the feeling of a real-life superhero.
How it Operates:
With a VR helmet on, participants lie down behind the controls and navigate through either an underwater or mountainous terrain. To win a prize, players must fly through any appearing circles throughout the game. The high-tech game, which boasts an unforgettable experience, is popular at all gatherings.
Up to two users, each wearing a pair of Samsung Gear VR glasses and lying on freely moving racks, are able to fly in a virtual environment simply shifting their weight. The flying wind and the fans flawlessly produce the illusion. Through 47-inch LED monitors, the guests in the vicinity can participate in the pilots' flight as well.
This VR game is ideal for entertaining visitors at corporate events, private gatherings, and PR stunts while also increasing visitor traffic to your exposition booth.
This cutting-edge virtual reality module in an exclusive arrangement with the Zendome tent system ensures your flawless presentation at any convention, road show, trade exhibition, and brand appearance.
Contact our friendly team of entertainment specialists to hire this cutting-edge flight simulator or to learn more about the Icarus Flight Simulator. You'll learn how we can add interactive entertainment to your event and trade show.

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