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Book Immersive Photobooth Experience

Book Immersive Photobooth Experience

Your guests get more from our immersive photo booth experience than just a picture. These distinctive photo booth backdrops create an area for your visitors to have fun, provide them with escape into a fantastical world, and offer you the opportunity to brand the area with logos or add marketing items of your choice. The Immersive Photobooth Experience transforms a standard photo booth into a fun experience that anybody can enjoy.
Another fantastic interactive feature for your event has been created by the same team behind the Customisable Event Photo Booth, Colouring In Walls, and Graffiti Vehicle Photobooths. With this special addition, picture booths are elevated to entirely new levels. The Immersive Photobooth Experience includes several choices for including branding and customization and is customer-focused and brand-friendly. To maximise your guests' picture experience and ensure that both you and your guests profit from it, these gorgeous photobooth backdrops are available with photo pods, GIF pods, photographers, and sharing stations.
The self-contained backdrops and pop-ups for photo booths include:
The sel-contained cube known as the "Glitter Room" will bring sparkle to your event because it is covered in glossy, glittering glitter on the walls, floor, and ceiling.
This childhood favourite for dress-ups is the ball pit. It is a totally customizable, 2.2-meter cube filled with clear balls called a projection booth. This booth displays graphics onto the wall and the visitors instead of using a green screen.
Immersive green room built completely of greenery is called the "Garden Room."
The Immersive Photobooth Experience works well in many different event settings. These self-contained pods can all be easily assembled and disassembled. Every modern convenience is provided to clients, including some great extras like data captures, GIFs, limitless prints, photo branding, and an online gallery.
Top Tip: If none of these themes appeal to you, the team can design a completely original booth just for you.
If you want to reserve the pop-up picture experience for your event, get in touch with Bella Entertainment.

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