Book Instrumental Rollerskating Act

Book Instrumental Rollerskating Act

Book Instrumental Rollerskating Act

This Instrumental Rollerskating Act can distinguish between a mediocre performance and a top-notch one. Our acrobatic roller skaters offer a unique act with a half-live, half-recorded instrumental start, making them the ideal entertainment choice for circus acts, cruise ships, and festivals.
However, the roller skating duo can adjust to many staging possibilities, making their act suited for any type of setting. Our acrobatic rollerskating act, which is enjoyed by both children and adults, might be the ideal entertainment choice for your circus show, corporate event, exhibition, or product launch.
Our rollerskating duo's six-minute performances typically depict a love tale with acrobatic gestures, the sounds of the violin and drums, and body language. However, customers can request a completely unique plotline. It is possible to negotiate and agree on further customization options, such as costumes, individualised tales, incorporation of trademarks, company names, and thematic elements.
The tight quarters they perform in only serve to heighten the spectacle of this acrobatic roller-skating display. As you can see in the video presentation up top, they often perform on a small, caster stand. Their Instrumental Rollerskating Act becomes a test of balance, coordination, and accuracy as a result.
Their synchronicity and chemistry make their performance an incredible spectacle you simply must see! Due to their charm and charisma, demanding audiences as well as circus enthusiasts won't be dissatisfied.
Our amazing acrobatic roller skaters have previously performed for the Benidorm Circus and have travelled all across Europe and America thanks to their skates.
Do not hesitate to contact us and submit an inquiry if this acrobatic rollerskating show with instrumental intro would be a good fit for your event. The experts at Bella Entertainment will be pleased to give you advice.

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