Book Interactive Musical Act

Book Interactive Musical Act

Book Interactive Musical Act

World-class live music and interactive shows are provided by award-winning entertainment companies Bella Entertainment Las Vegas for events both domestically and abroad. To generate excitement at your big occasion, hire an interactive musical performer.
Any audience will be wowed by our DJ and percussion performance since we use a totally unique electronic instrument. The skilled DJ pushes glass cubes and pucks around to alter sounds on an interactive table-top screen. This cutting edge percussionist creates genuinely captivating entertainment by recording and modifying the electronic reverberations using sync looping and modulators.
This interactive percussion performance is a terrific musical alternative for club nights, product launches, corporate parties, and more. They produce club style music, house music, and other electronic types. One of the best selling aspects of our electronic DJ and musician act, which has collaborated with a number of high-profile brands including Bacardi, Hunter's, and Jack Daniels, is that the table top can be customised with your corporate logo, making it perfect for marketing and brand reveal events.
This innovative act might be the perfect replacement if you were wanting to hire event drummers or an LED percussionist for your event. Why not hire our interactive event drummer in addition to a large drumming troop for even more impact at your event and watch your venue come to life?
Please get in touch with our internal experts at Bella Entertainment Las Vegas right away if you'd like to learn more about the technical prerequisites for hiring our amazing Interactive Musical Act for your event.

Book now or send your inquiry via email or WhatsApp: +971 50 541 7318.


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