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Book Irish Dance Ensemble

Book Irish Dance Ensemble

The Irish dance heritage is given new life by these incredibly talented group of dancers; by adding a cutting-edge contemporary twist, they have established a fresh approach to Irish dance that makes it lively, young, and modern.
On "Britain's Got Talent," 2013, the trio impressed the judges and won the hearts of the British public. Led by three accomplished Irish dancers who have been performing competitively since the age of three and have each won a number of awards, this group won over the judges and the audience. Their ability and commitment paid off since they advanced to the finals.
Their crisp choreographies, infectious enthusiasm, and upbeat music combine to produce an electrifying show that will leave spectators gasping for air. They can perform as a live band of the client's choice in addition to performing as a dance group, adding another another element to their already visually dazzling shows.
This trio has a plethora of performing experience and is sure to be the highlight of your event. They have performed live to millions of viewers on "Britain's Got Talent," to thousands at international festivals, and hundreds at more private occasions.
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