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La Fura dels Baus is renowned for their use of out-of-the-ordinary locations, music, movement, natural and industrial materials, new technology, and audience participation to put on one-of-a-kind, incredible shows that will leave guests at your event in awe and guarantee it is remembered for years to come.
The group's name is a byword for creativity, rhythm, transgression, adaptation, and quirkiness. The theatrical venue and the audience, two of the most important components of dramatic art, were pioneeringly reconceived thanks to the company's distinctive and distinctive essence. Accordingly, they shifted the public role from passive to active, which entailed shattering the "fourth wall," and redefined the space by relocating it to non-conventional ones. And that is because no creation can be made without danger; this has been a guiding principle for La Fura since the beginning, during their very first street performances.
A distinct language, style, and aesthetic have evolved through a process of communal creation due to the constant interest and urge to investigate new artistic trends. This is known as "Furan language" in modern times and is used in a variety of artistic mediums, including opera, film, and large-scale performances.
La Fura dels Baus' success and reputation on a global scale are a result of its ability to combine and adapt various elements in each performance, including carnality and mysticism, nature and artifice, crudeness and sophistication, primitivism and technology.
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