Book Las Vegas Motion Music Makers

Book Las Vegas Motion Music Makers

Book Las Vegas Motion Music Makers

Experience a Visual DJ act that is situated in Las Vegas and is absolutely unique. Your visitors will be treated to an incredible performance when our Nevada-based visual musicians hit the stage to perform a flawlessly timed display.
Entertainment with Customizable LED Live Music
Our duo can incorporate your company logo, event design, colour scheme, and event name into their amazing performance because the presentation is completely customisable. This high-tech performance was developed by the pair themselves, and it is unique worldwide. With the help of the most cutting-edge technology, our Las Vegas music creators interacted with the Amazon logo on a sizable LED wall to trigger loops of the brand name, creating a fully customised song for Amazon. Our motion music makers have collaborated with some of the biggest brands in the world.  
DJ duo Pioneering Motion Music Makers
Our avant-garde illuminated visual actors accompany the visual masterpieces while wearing custom-made LED suits. Fans are treated to an astonishing blend of strong basslines and virtuoso melodies as our Motion Music Makers create music with air guitars, motions, and gestures.
Top Tip: During conferences, our Visual DJs can discuss their cutting-edge technology. A very visual silent disco can also be produced for your guests by our LED individual musicians.
Please contact our staff to reserve the Las Vegas Motion Music Makers if you would like to hire our Nevada VJs.

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