Book Led Drummers Switzerland

Book Led Drummers Switzerland

Book Led Drummers Switzerland

Our LED drummers Switzerland, who have a pulsing performance, captivate spectators with their luminous show that dispels the night. These drummers, who offer a variety of presentations, know how to liven up a gathering and deliver an unforgettable performance that will leave everyone in the audience wanting more.
These inventive percussionists captivate audiences of all ages with their vibrant colours, American snare drums, and unexpected light effects while fusing traditional drumming with contemporary show components and visual effects.

Our drummers may perform a variety of presentations for your event, including ones that incorporate American street drumming and Basler's drumming style while using American snare drums.

There is something for everyone with shows that combine contemporary Dubstep music with the traditional Basler drum sound. The best entertainment for any show stopper, this drumming group performs with blazing drumsticks and unbreakable timing.
Our drummers can also be hired for their bucket drum show, which blends Basler's drumming with American street drumming on buckets and large kettles, in addition to their LED and light shows.
Top Tip: These specialists are the best choice if you're searching for an original and fascinating approach to drumming. Our drummers are committed to designing a custom show particularly for your event, and they can play an energetic display with breathtaking graphics as well as a more subdued, neutral version that may be played outside.
This drumming ensemble is ideal for corporate events, private parties, festivals, showcases, and any other occasion where hosts want to make an impression on their guests with their electrifying beats and creative images.
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