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The United States 3D figurines are an incredibly entertaining idea that can be given as a humorous gift, an excellent corporate gift, or even as a chance for branding. A personalised bobble head is far more interesting than a standard photograph, and guests can be happy to display one. The 3D booth is enjoyable to use and offers a variety of customization possibilities to make your figurine stand out.
With its easily transportable 3D booth kiosk, Make Me A Bobble Head can travel to your event or preferred location and set up without taking up a lot of room. Visitors are invited to the 3D booth, where it takes just three seconds to scan their face. Then, using more than 300 options, Make Me A Bobble Head makes an image of the visitor's face that may be customised to fit different styles and themes. It takes about 5 minutes to create a virtual personalised bobble head.
Among the themes are: - Wedding (Bridge & Groom - Cake Toppers)
- Wildlife
Jobs: Knight, Cleopatra/Egyptian, Cowgirl, Astronaut
- Sports: basketball, hockey, snowboarding, tennis, golf, football, and other games.
- Thanksgiving - Christmas
- Prehistoric, Viking
Our 3D figurines for United States are not made on location; rather, Make Me A Bobble Head sends the scans back to their headquarters and mails them out after they are ready, often within two weeks of being in the 3D booth. The figurines can be personalised by Make Me A Bobble Head to make them the perfect corporate present. On the base of the United States 3D figurines, you can mark them with names, catchphrases, or company names.
Booking Advice
Choose a theme for your bobble head and customise with your logo or branding. Easily transportable 3D booth
To hire Make Me A Bobble Head for your event, get in touch with Bella Entertainment's entertainment coordinators.

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