Book Multilingual Host Pietro Asilli ”“ Conference and Awards Host Italy

Book Multilingual Host Pietro Asilli ”“ Conference and Awards Host Italy

Book Multilingual Host Pietro Asilli ”“ Conference and Awards Host Italy

Pietro Asilli is a seasoned international performer with a wide range of skills.
He rose to prominence in the world of the business as a dynamic tour guide, travel agent, and resort performer. working with famous cruise line companies, hotel and resort groups, and tour operators in major locations like Moscow and New York.
Pietro travelled all over the world, studying different languages in places like Italy, the Mediterranean, North and South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Russia, Asia, and exotic Islands.
He developed wide experience in hosting and coordinating events, ranging from community festivals, beauty contests, private corporate occasions, fundraisers, and anniversaries, thanks to his extensive travels and work with well-known figures. Pietro is a skilled, multilingual entertainer, host, and master of ceremonies who has shown a particularly strong sense of improvisation.
He has the charismatic ability to host events with great energy and vitality. Pietro is able to communicate with ease in English, Spanish, a few basic words of French, and Portuguese.
Pietro's adaptability and flexibility allow him to host a wide range of events, from formal and corporate to casual, comedic, and enjoyable settings.
Pietro has held a variety of positions over the years, including chief entertainment officer, entertainment manager, artistic director, coordinator of international entertainment services and production shows, international cruise director, cultural director, representative/guest relation for vacation resorts, coordinator for VIP guests, travel-tour coordinator, recruiting coordinator, staff training and development coordinator, sales and event project manager.

Pietro has developed a strong artistic maturity and a broad knowledge of several facets in the entertainment, tourist, and hospitality industries. He consolidated his communication skills by working as a commercial director and company developer, as well as in master marketing and communications.
Pietro continued his involvement at an international level with the most prominent firm and enterprise of the industry after working onboard the cruise liner Royal Caribbean International (Mia-USA) as International Cruise Director.
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