Book Portable Aerial Act | Mobile Aerial Show UK

Book Portable Aerial Act | Mobile Aerial Show UK

Book Portable Aerial Act | Mobile Aerial Show UK

Book this stunning aerial performance for an event with a wow factor that can perform in any level, outdoor location, as well as very big inside venues. The aerial show is presented on an inflatable arch that is 12 meters tall and equipped with a variety of stunning attractions. As spectators safely pass beneath the arch, the aerial act may engage them.
However, customers can choose from two incredible aerial acts that can stand alone. The first is an exhilarating, six-minute airborne display that is seen in the round and is sure to impress. The second sculpture is longer and displays the arch in all of its splendor.
This fifteen-minute spectacle is mesmerizing and tantalizing, utilizing projections, aerial performance, and the interior lighting installed in the arch.
It's almost unbelievable how easily this massive structure can be moved. The aerial act is supported by the air pressure inside the arch, and the arch's foundation is self-supporting. Guy lines can be added to increase support as the wind speed increases. В
Customization choices are one of this spectacular aerial performance's impressive selling factors. The arch may have branding and logos, as well as animated images, projected on it because it is composed of pure white Stormex fabric. Both the indoor lighting's color scheme and the aerialist's attire are customizable. В
Additionally, the presentation itself can be tailored to a client's requirements and made bespoke. This contains the aerialist performer's choreography.
This is the ideal aerial performance for acts and venues that want an aerial act but do not want trussing or to create unattractive structures. It is a fascinating aerial act that genuinely has the wow factor because to its beauty, portability, and potential to be performed outside.
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