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Book Roaming Enchanted  Flower Globe

Book Roaming Enchanted Flower Globe

To provide guests at your event with genuinely unforgettable interactive entertainment, reserve the one-of-a-kind Roaming Flower Globe. A creative and utterly original nature-themed roaming act, the marvellously beautiful flower globe is sure to delight your guests and put a smile on everyone's face. The globe contains interior lights to really make the wandering performance shine out, making it equally suitable for daylight and evening events. В
At any type of special event, the completely self-contained Roaming Flower Globe gracefully meanders among the visitors like a big terrarium. A bright flower nymph wearing a vivid yellow outfit made of enormous flower petals may be found inside this beautiful flower globe. She tends to the lush blossoming flowers as she sits in her own private microclimate as the roaming performance moves around the event space. В
A stunning interactive entertainment event that actively encourages visitors to get up close and personal is the Roaming Flower Globe. The flower nymph loves to talk to everyone and invites visitors to explore her tiny world of enormous blooms and numerous tiny critters that lurk among the leaves and petals. The gorgeous flower mobile spins above her head and butterflies flutter about as they spin when a sizable red button on the front is touched. В
This innovative interactive Roaming Flower Globe was developed as a result of the creators' more than 20 years of expertise in the entertainment and circus industries. At every event, it leaves a highly magical and lasting impression and is sure to draw a crowd. All types of floral or nature-themed events, spring and summer parties, flower displays, and much more are perfect venues for this lovely roving act. В
Best Practice: The original roaming act is also offered with a nautical or winter theme.
If you'd like to reserve the Roaming Flower Globe for your event, please get in touch with Bella Entertainment.

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